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about Katie 


Pointe Barre



   Katie believes in getting to the POINTE of your overall health and wellness. Allowing the Flow of LIFE, developing deep trust in the process.  She feels many of us have an itch or a deep urge for a healthier lifestyle mentally, emotionally and physically.  Her Barre, Meditation, and Breath Work classes are designed to reunite body, mind and HEART. Breathing, Moving and working as one from your heart. 

Finding your true balance, focusing deeply on essential core conditioning and strengthening

She is a Certified Master Barre Instructor and holds an RYT 200 Certification in Yoga. Kaite is a Certified XPT Performance Breath Coach, using breathing techniques to create a deeper attunement to the body and heart. Katie has a motivated upbeat personality along with a deep love and connection to nature and energy work. She has spent years working with the energy of horses through natural horsemanship methods.

  Katie is also the founder and owner of Ashva Prana. Offering coaching and workshops on intelligent movement for Equestrians and horses. Using the deep core muscles and the lines of energy to develop a true seat. Developing a balanced horse and rider.

 She holds a degree from the University of Findlay in Equestrian Studies. Come be you! 


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